A wardrobe stylist with over 30 years experience, her portfolio ranges from photo shoot productions for advertising campaigns, editorials, fashion catalogs, music videos, film, celebrity styling, and more. She has over five hundred commercials to her credit that are both national and international. She has worked with top models, and celebrities such as Lauren Hutton, Uma Thurman, Cindy Crawford, Oprah, Venus Williams, Elle McPherson, and Leslie Neilsen to name a few.

Michele began her career as an advertising account executive for a large catalog production studio that handled the photo shoots for department stores in New York. During this time Michele’s (then) husband, a media executive, was shooting a commercial when the stylist from LA called in sick. Recognizing Michele’s own great personal style he asked her if she could help out and fill in for the stylist. She couldn’t believe there was a job that actually paid you to do what you love. She left her position as an account executive and began freelancing on TV commercials, catalogs and advertising jobs. She also enhanced her career with classes at Parsons School of Design in New York. By being creative and innovative she has kept herself in high demand.

Growing up in the rich cultural environment of New Orleans and South America, and having traveled through out Europe influenced the eclectic, sophisticated style Michele has become known for. After being based in Miami for most of her career,  Michele has relocated to her home town New Orleans and opened a studio work shop in the French Quarter to teach new aspiring Stylist how to begin their new careers, from her world of experience and travels into their own personalized path of styling..

‘Life is a surfboard ride, sometimes the wave is incredible, sometimes it crashes into the rocks, then when you wear pigtails …it all works out ..”


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